U17 Spain vs U17 Serbia (5 views)

24 May 2023 10:24

Analysis, Prediction: U17 Spain vs U17 Serbia, 22:00 on May 24th - UEFA U17 Championship. Predicting, analyzing the odds in European and Asian handicaps for the match between U17 Spain and U17 Serbia from top experts.


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U17 Spain has already secured a place in the knockout stage of the UEFA U17 Championship this season after two matches in Group B. The Spanish youth team has won both matches, defeating U17 Slovakia 3-1 and U17 Italy 2-1. With just a draw against U17 Serbia in the final match, U17 Spain will secure the top spot in the group.

On the other hand, U17 Serbia has earned 3 points from two matches and currently sits in third place. Their chances of advancing are still possible but precarious. They are forced to attack and aim for victory to secure their fate, regardless of the outcome of the other match at the same time. It is clear that U17 Serbia is facing a difficult situation.

When U17 Serbia adopts an aggressive attacking approach, it exposes vulnerabilities in their defense, which U17 Spain can exploit. Although U17 Spain only needs a draw to secure the top position, they promise to bring complete joy to their fans in the upcoming match.

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  • Asian handicap odds (0:3/4): Even though a draw is enough to protect the top position, U17 Spain is still given a handicap of -3/4. The main handicap is likely to shift to 0:1 before kick-off, reinforcing the confidence of investors in choosing the higher odds. Choose: U17 Spain.

  • Over/under odds (3): The underdog team, U17 Serbia, is forced to play an attacking style to aim for victory and keep their hopes of advancement alive. This scenario indicates a high likelihood of a high-scoring match, which has gained the trust of investors, along with the higher-rated handicap selection for the favorite team. Choose: Over.

Score prediction: U17 Spain 3-1 U17 Serbia

Asian handicap prediction: Choose U17 Spain

Over/under prediction: Choose Over.

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