Our Signature Thai Traditional Massage is designed to cure all kinds of pain as a result of long-day work, excessive exercise, or an accidental movement. Your entire body benefits from ancient massage techniques which were practiced in The Thai Royal Palace centuries ago. The techniques include pressure point pressing and muscle stretching in conjunction with the application of Thai Traditional medicines known as Tiger Balm and Mho Sing Oil.
      Aromatherapy Massage features Thai deep-tissue massage techniques specially designed to revive you from jet lag, fatigue, and stress complemented by 100% natural aroma massage oil with the fragrance of your choice. These special oils will easily penetrate your skin and muscular fibers to promote the feeling of well-being from inside your body as well as moisturizing and replenishing your skin with natural vitamins and minerals it needs. The natural fragrance will help calm your mind so you can have a deep sleep after your massage session. 

     Aroma massage oil with the fragrance of your choice is carefully poured into our special aroma oil warmer to be heated to the perfect temperature for your body. Our spa therapist then commences his work by pouring some hot oil in his palms, gently spreads it all over your body, then uses his thumbs, fingers, palms, and elbows to manipulate the soft tissues, muscles and tendons of your body to achieve the desired results, which is to reduce pain, and relieve tension and soreness. The heat of the oil will penetrate deeply into your body, and will ultimately bring about a state of relaxation and great comfort. 

       Our Reflexology Foot Massage focuses on the feet, legs, head, and shoulders by applying pressure on the reflex points to open up the sense energy lines. A traditional stick is used to add to the potency of this treatment to reduce muscular stiffness and improve flexibility, as well as stimulating circulation to increase immunity and aid detoxification. This Thai ancient treatment can help boost general health and well-being, promoting deep relaxation, improving sleep, and is extremely beneficial for stress relief.

       To add to our Signature Thai Traditional massage, Herbal Pack massage is aimed to ease persistent and recurring back and shoulder pain. A Thai herb ball is a blend of herbs which consists of zedoary, turmeric, plai, tamarind, lemon grass, kaffir lime, Shikakai, and many others. These herbs have medicinal effects in relaxing your muscles and relieving pain from your bones, joints, and ligaments. Our experienced therapist will carefully heat the herb ball at the right temperature to increase its effectiveness, and then apply it onto your body in coordination with the Thai Traditional Massage techniques.
       At Royal Thai Men Spa, we offer an excellent variety of body scrub treatments aimed to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and toxins from the top layer of your skin which make it look dry, flaky, and dull. You will feel a complete peace while your body is blissfully cleansed, exfoliated and pampered with our exclusive selection of 100% natural body scrub products from Thailand complemented by a relaxing massage technique. After your body scrub treatment, you will experience your new self as your skin will become soft, smooth, shiny, healthy, moisturized, and rejuvenated.
       ♦ Body Scrub with Thai Herbs   220QR:1HR
       ♦  Body Scrub with Tropical Fruit Essences   200QR:1HR    
       ♦  Exclusive Body Scrub and Skin Care Package   320QR:2HRS
            (Herbal Sauna + Body Scrub of your choice + Vitamin E Massage)

       Thai Herbal Steam Sauna is a perfect complement to your chosen spa treatment. A selection of Thai herbs such as cassumunar, bergamot peel, curcuma, lemon grass, tamarind leaves, menthol, borneol, and many others is heated in a special steamer at the right temperature to allow the fragrance together with all the useful herbal substances to circulate within the sauna room. This Thai Traditional Sauna helps relax your muscles after your massage session, and release toxins which had been broken up by bodywork through pores. It also helps relieve pain and stiffness, improves blood circulation and skin complexion, cures nasal decongestion, cold, allergy, secret lochia, discharges waste from lymph grand to purify your body, and promotes deep relaxation.

       You may offer a spa treatment or a complete spa package as a gift for someone you love with a customized message from your heart.
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